What If Airbags Were Not As Safe As They Seem?

Autos von vornIf you have ever been in a serious car accident, you are likely thankful for your properly working airbags! Recently, over 8 million cars have been recalled by their auto manufactures due to problems with the air bags. Numerous cases have reported that shrapnel was expelled from the airbag during its explosion.

Currently, most manufacturers have been handling the recall as expected. However, the manufacturer Takata has already run out of replacement airbags! In order to handle this, makers like Toyota have stated that they will simply disable the defective airbags to ensure that there will not be any sharp metal explosions.

Many have disputed this decision. Only a slight percentage of airbags that explode are predicted to expel shrapnel. Therefore, is disabling all possible airbags the best idea? Some argue that this solution could do more damage than good. To respond to these disputes, manufacturers have decided that since the defective airbags are only on the passenger side, they will place a sticker on the passenger side dashboard of vehicles with disabled airbags that advises riders to sit in the back seat until the replacement airbag inventory has been restocked.

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