Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Policy: A Secret Safeguard

Umbrella insurance is a useful safeguard available to all families and individuals. It protects you from liability issues that exceed the limits of the standard insurance policies listed in our Personal Insurance section. Umbrella policies extend the standard coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others, as well as provide additional coverage for costs not included otherwise.

When can an umbrella come in handy? An unexpected law suit or a multi-car accident are common sources of claims that exceed standard insurance and can be covered by an umbrella. Although such debt-inducing occasions may be infrequent, umbrella policies are typically inexpensive vehicles to protect you from financial disaster.

The Alliance Group of Western NY will provide a free consultation about your possible need for Umbrella insurance. We’ll learn about your current insurance protection and the risks associated with your lifestyle and assets to advise you on whether an umbrella policy is warranted.

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