Testimonials Continued

Joe K.

For years I went the route of the Progressive, 21st Century and Geico plans thinking that nobody could beat their rates.  I was willing to put up with the horrible customer service that I received time and time again just for the great rates I got.  After years of knowing the good people at Alliance through social activities in the community and their involvement in youth athletics….I finally let one of their insurance pros quote my business.  Through the quoting process I discovered very quickly that I had the wrong type and amount of insurance through Geico and my coverage would not have covered my needs if anything would have happened.  Thank God nothing happened during that time period.  Not only that, but they took the time to really listen to me and guide me through the process of determining what was important to me and my family in the event of an unfortunate instance occurring.  I can’t tell you enough about how much I don’t know about the nuances of insurance…..but they did know every little detail…and they didn’t try to push anything on me, they just helped me make the decisions….and they spoke to me in plain language that really broke down the meanings and differences of the insurance plans that we were looking at.  The whole process became easy for me because of how they handled it.  Then they shopped the market for me and I ended up getting the PERFECT insurance that really fit what was important to us. 

I insured our home, our two cars and I will be adding additional life insurance soon as well through them.  We ended up being covered for an additional $150,000 on our home and getting a bunch of other things covered that I never knew existed…like the fact that I get some big time legal fees covered with my new policy, which I think is important in today’s day and age.  The whole policy together ended up being $40 more a year, but now I sleep better at night knowing that they have covered my family’s insurance needs completely.  We not only have a great rate, be we finally have the RIGHT insurance for us.  Lastly, now I have local people that I can call on their cell phone for quick advice on insurance.  If I am at the rental car counter and have a question; I can make a quick call to see if I need to get coverage from the rental car company or not.  If I am at Lowe’s renting a truck to take home something I bought; I can make a quick call to see if I need to get additional insurance from Lowe’s or not.  If we are traveling and my credit card company is trying to pitch me additional “purchase insurance” for one reason or another; I can make a quick call to see if I am already covered or not through my insurance coverage.  My “quick calls” have already saved me over $100 in additional insurance that other companies would have charged me if it were not for the advice from “my people” at Alliance Insurance.

Thanks to everyone there.  Strongly recommend Alliance to others.