teen driver

Teen Driver Insurance

Safeguard Your Teen and Your Wallet

Insurance carriers charge higher premiums when providing coverage for teenage drivers, even though the coverage is standard. However, The Alliance Group of Western NY has special programs that offer better rates for teen drivers in the Rochester, NY area.

We developed an auto insurance plan specifically tailored for teenage drivers. In addition to the standard coverage such as collision, comprehensive, and liability, a comprehensive teen driver insurance program from The Alliance Group of Western NY offers more.

We can provide discounts for:

  • Limited-use vehicles
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Good student record
  • Good driving record
As part of The Alliance Group of Western NY’s teen driver program, we can also help you install a GPS device in your teenager’s car that will alert you if they speed and allow you to place geographic and time boundaries on their driving privileges.

As a parent or guardian, the most important thing for you is to keep your child safe while they gain driving experience. The Alliance Group of Western NY can give you the tools to do this while protecting your assets and cutting your insurance costs.

To learn more about our special programs and partners, visit our web site, www.TeensDrivingSafe.com. Reach out to us for a free consultation today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at (585) 388-8001.