Street Survival Course for Your Teen

Having a teen driver can be a scary time for parents.  While you cannot sit next to your teen every time they get behind the wheel, you can make sure that they are a safe driver before they get their license.   The Tire Rack Street Survival Driving Course can help prepare your teen for the road.  The course is being put on by (sponsored by The Alliance Group) on July 19th in the Rochester, New York area as part of Safe Teen Driver Day.  There are only 25 spots available in the program, so make sure you sign up before it is full.

The program combines safe driving materials with a hands-on, real-world driving course that will give young drivers the experience of handling their own vehicle in adverse driving conditions.  Trained and qualified driving instructors get into the car with your teen to ensure that they stay safe throughout the course, and are using the proper safe driving techniques.  .  They will also learn the physics behind the handling of their vehicles, how to be  more observant of traffic conditions and the actions of other drivers on the road, and how to avoid accidents.  The hands-on driving practice with a trained instructor, along with in-class sessions,  allow s your teen to graduate with improved driving skills and more confidence behind the wheel.

Most importantly, make sure your teen is protected with the proper auto insurance policy.  Contact  The Alliance Group for all of your insurance needs in the Fairport, New York area.  We can provide you with the most comprehensive auto insurance coverage to make sure your teen is protected in any situation.