Smartphone Apps To Download This Summer

Download These Smartphone Apps

Even though you are spending more time outside during the summer, chances are that your smartphone is not very far away. If you are not totally disconnecting this summer, there are apps that can help make your summer more enjoyable. Download these smartphone apps to make the most of the season.

  • Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference – save yourself and the rest of your family from dangerous and painful sunburns with this app. It will calculate how long you can be out in the sun without getting burnt based on your location, complexion, time of day, and the SPF that you are using. It will also let you know the UV forecast for wherever you are.
  • PackPoint – if you are always worried that you are going to forget to pack something for your vacation, PackPoint can be a life saver. After putting in the details of your trip, including where you are going and your agenda, the app will help you figure out exactly what you should bring, down to the last pair of socks.
  • Project Noah – keep your little ones entertained without ever leaving your house with this interactive field guide app. Let your kids go on a mission to discover more about the local flora and fauna in your yard by uploading photos of what they find.
  • RootsRated – if you are looking for a new local trail to hike or swimming hole to cool down, look no further. This app will provide practical information about how to find the location, as well as detailed reviews about it.
  • Back 2 School Countdown – if you start to get a little stressed out towards the end of summer entertaining your children every day, this app will give you some hope. Just make sure your kids do not find it.

Alliance Group in Fairport, New York would like to encourage you to try out these apps this summer.