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Retail Shipping Stores

Packages Ship Out, But Liabilities Do Not

Retail postal and shipping stores have become common and are valued for the convenience they offer to consumers looking for a reliable one-stop-shop. In addition to brokering a shipment with various commercial package carriers, shipping stores offer additional services like packaging, mailboxes, and photocopying.

Retail shipping businesses in the Rochester NY area need additional coverage for their operation. Our specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY have access to competitive, comprehensive insurance for convenience stores through our relationships with insurance carriers.

We protect you against your unique liabilities with risk management tips, claims support, and a tailored insurance program. You face common retail risks such as employee dishonesty and customer safety, as well as more industry-specific ones like equipment breakdown of your scales, copiers, and computers, and liability for your customers’ packages while they are on your premise.

Contact The Alliance Group of Western NY today to learn how our retail shipping specialists can better protect your Rochester NY area business. For a free consultation on your current policy, or to explore a new one, fill out the form on this page or call us at (585) 388-8001.