Common Restaurant Hazards to Avoid

Woman standing in front of coffee shopRestaurant Safety 101

Owning a restaurant comes with its own set of risks that other businesses do not have to deal with. Just one accident can be enough to completely shut down your restaurant if you are not careful. Consider these common hazards that you should protect your business from to ensure that you can safely open your doors every day.

  • Cooking fires – when baking and cooking at high temperatures throughout the day, mixed with flammable ingredients, such as cooking oil, it is not uncommon for a fire to start in the kitchen. Regularly inspect your sprinkler system, hood suppression, and fire extinguishers to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Slips and falls – you have to maintain a standard of reasonable care in your restaurant by law. Keeping your property reasonably safe can help to protect both employees and customers from any slips and falls that may occur.
  • Food poisoning – working with food means that there is a chance that someone will get food poisoning while eating at your restaurant. Ensure that all of your employees are able to recognize proper food storage and serving methods, as well as how to know when food has spoiled to help avoid food poisoning.
  • Cyber threats – since you deal with personal information with credit cards and debit cards, your business runs the risk of being hacked. Keep a secure document management program in place to help reduce the chance of personal employee or client information gets compromised.
  • Liquor liability – when you serve someone alcohol, you can be held responsible for any harm that they cause after leaving your restaurant. A liquor liability policy will help to keep your establishment financially secure after any alcohol related incidents.

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