Protect Your Home With These Tips

Protect Your Home While on Vacation With These Simple Tips

House locked in chain and padlockIf you are packing your bags for a holiday vacation, it is important to make sure to consider the safety of your home while you are gone. Taking a few simple steps before you head out the door is the best way to ensure that your home and assets stay safe. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your home stays safe while you are enjoying your vacation.

  • Avoid being an easy target – burglars know that many people go on vacation during the holiday season, and they are on the lookout for empty houses. Install a timer on a few lights in your house so that your home does not stay dark while you are away. Have a trusted neighbor pick up your mail so that your mailbox is not overflowing. If you can, try to keep a car parked in your driveway while you are away.
  • Prevent flood and fire risks in your home – turn off your water at the main shutoff point before you leave. A small leak can turn into a serious problem while you are gone. Unplug any non-essential electronics, including your toaster and TV. A power surge cannot only damage your electronics, but it can also start a fire in your house.
  • Do not broadcast your vacation – even though you may be excited about going on vacation, do not post about it online. Burglars look at social media to find empty houses to target. If you let them know you will be gone, they will know just how long they have to get into your home.

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