Protect Your Business With a Commercial General Liability Policy

A commercial general liability policy covers businesses against liability claims arising from injuries, property damage, product defects and operational issues. For most businesses, a commercial insurance policy is the first line of defense against a range of common claims and lawsuits related to their company’s operations.

A general liability policy typically covers all risks pertaining to the operation of your business. Most policies will cover issues such as property damage, bodily injury to employees and other people to whom you are legally liable, medical payments, personal injury and defense costs related to negligence and slander lawsuits. Commercial insurance polices also cover vehicles that are used in connection with your business such as those used for delivering or transporting materials.

Major insurance companies offer customized general liability policies for companies in different industries. For example, insurance companies have different policies for contractors, business offices and for professional and personal services. The policy for a contractor might be tailored specifically for businesses in the HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, or janitorial service segment. Similarly, business office polices are typically targeted at consultants, real estate companies, marketing firms and tax preparers while a professional services policy is usually designed to protect salons, therapists, event planning companies, interior design companies and similar firms.

Often, insurance companies offer what is known as a business owners policy (BOP) that includes general liability protection as well as business property coverage. A BOP is designed typically for small and medium businesses. A major advantage with a BOP is that it incorporates multiple insurance protections into one policy. A BOP allows you to streamline your insurance needs by combining different types of liability coverage into one policy. Since a BOP combines multiple insurance policies it is usually cheaper than buying several policies. Importantly, a BOP is also easier to manage administratively compared to purchasing and managing policies separately.

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