prof liability

Professional Liability

Extensive Professional Liability Protection

Professional liability coverage protects your Rochester NY area business against liability and the cost of defense related to an error, omission or negligence in the performance of professionals services. Some policies also provide coverage for privacy violations and breaches of computer security. New York State mandates minimum levels of professional liability for some professions.

Professional service firms of all variety, including accounting, law, banking, financial advising, engineers, architects, insurance, healthcare, and technology, are strongly advised to insure themselves. Even manufacturing and distribution companies are opting for coverage to protect themselves from outsourcing, online commerce and intellectual property.

Professional liability risks are complex and extensive. Our Rochester NY area business experts at The Alliance Group of Western NY learn your business and customers to identify and quantify your liabilities. We will tailor a comprehensive and cost-effective professional liability policy suitable for your risks and consult you throughout the year.

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