Comprehensive, Custom Manufacturer Insurance

Just as your Rochester NY area manufacturing business requires precision; our specialty insurance program is designed to offer you the precise coverages you need to protect your assets and financial security. Every manufacturing operation differs with varying risks and liabilities that require custom insurance programs.

Manufacturing specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY are knowledgeable about manufacturing operations, liabilities, and risk management. We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment with our Rochester NY area manufacturers annually to make coverage adjustments.

In addition to commercial general liability (link to the page) and property insurance (link to the page), we include product liability if warranted, and may recommend more comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance (link to the page). Manufacturers also require robust workers’ compensation (link to the page) with full services and good claims processing.

The Alliance Group of Western NY has strong relationships with several insurance companies who have favorable programs for manufacturers. Contact our manufacturing specialists today for a free consultation on revising or replacing your current insurance program. Fill out the form on this page or call us at (585) 388-8001.