Liquor & Wine Stores

Top Shelf Insurance Programs

Liquor & Wine Stores are subject to many risks and liabilities not shared by other retail stores. You must worry about underage patrons, robbery, expensive inventory, employee dishonesty, and even events like product tastings.

The Alliance Group of Western NY assists many liquor & wine stores in the Rochester NY area. Our specialists advise our clients on their unique risk exposures, and provide risk management tips throughout the year to help them mitigate liability, damages and loss.

Our liquor & wine store experts learn about your operations, your clientele, and your property to create an insurance program that combines standard business coverage (link to business insurance page) with the additional specialty coverage that you need to protect your assets. These special add-ons might include, but are not limited to, equipment breakdown for your refrigeration units and computer systems, event coverage for tastings, and employee dishonesty for theft or damage.

Make sure that your Rochester NY area liquor or wine store is properly insured and prepared for the worst. Contact The Alliance Group of Western NY today for a free consultation on your current policy, or to explore a new one. Fill out the form on this page or call us at (585) 388-8001.