Comprehensive Programs and Expert Counsel

Properly insuring your business is critical for your continued financial security and growth, though it can be daunting, even impossible, for business owners to manage without counsel. Every facet of your business that is vulnerable to loss or damage must be accounted for and covered by insurance as well as risk reduction practices. You must also be aware of New York State compliance requirements.

The business insurance specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY serve as an auxiliary member of your leadership team, advising you on your risks, recommending risk management practices, informing you of state laws, and providing you with a tailored, comprehensive insurance program. We strategically balance your distinct needs and operating requirements, while also helping to reduce the financial impact of unexpected losses like natural disasters, lawsuits, employee injuries, and more.

Your Alliance Group team is accessible to you and your staff throughout the year for your every question and need. Annually, we conduct a thorough Insurance Review to learn of any changes to your business so necessary adjustments can be made to your overall insurance and risk management program. It is an important service to ensure that you are not under or over insured, paying too much, or doing something in your operation that increases your risks.

Our services are complimentary and critical for the survival of your business. As you stay focused on the growth of your business, we stay focused on its financial security. Contact us today at (585) 388-8001 to learn all the benefits you’ll gain by working with The Alliance Group of Western NY.

Business Insurance Products


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