Have a Safe 4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July holiday brings with it three days of grilling out, parties, a day at the beach, fireworks, and picnics. It is also a time to make sure you and your family are safe and free from any type of injury. Here are a few tips as a reminder to help you have a safe celebration.

If you are taking a day trip to the beach, remember to keep all foods that need to be chilled, in the cooler packed with ice. Take plenty of sunscreen at a high SPF. Be aware of any rip currents, tides, and weather conditions. Make sure you always keep children within eye sight. Keep alcohol to a minimum.

If you will be hosting a party and using the grill, make sure the grill is always watched when using. Never grill in an indoor area such as a garage, tent, etc. Use grilling tools that have long handles to prevent burns and keep animals and children away from the grill. Clean the grill and the utensils after every use.

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend public ones. Never hand fireworks to children and have a bucket of water nearby. If your neighborhood allows fireworks, the person who will be lighting them should always wear eye protection and light one at a time. Never throw a firework towards a building or vehicle or point it at anyone or animals.

Drive safely and use your safety belts whenever you travel. Of course, don’t drink and drive.

The Alliance Group Insurance wants you to have a safe 4th of July. We offer coverage for auto insurance and homeowners insurance in the Fairport New York area. Contact us today for information on how we may help you protect your property.