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Classic and Antique Car Insurance

Expert Guidance for Classic and Antique Car Insurance

Your preserved, old car is special, but is it “classic” or “antique?” These are two distinct categories, each requiring specific protection. Our specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY will explain the difference, help you categorize your car, and customize the right insurance plan to ensure your investment is protected.

The frequency of use is the key distinguisher. A classic car enjoys its fair share of road time and needs a more comprehensive coverage plan for this reason. The antique car, on the other hand, may be on display more than it is driven, so it requires a niche policy. Both, cars, however, need an insurance policy to cover rare parts, rare paints, and specialist service garages, especially antique cars.

Specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY will learn your specific needs and work with our large network of providers to find you the most suitable protection within your budget. Your classic or antique car is an asset worth insuring properly.

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