Auto Service

Automotive Services

Risks as Complex as an Engine

The Rochester NY area is home to many automotive services businesses, including auto repair shops, body shops, franchised and non-franchised auto dealers, glass dealers/glaziers, muffler shops, car washes, gasoline service stations, auto parts stores, and mechanic’s tools sales. Auto services face high risks for expensive equipment and employee safety. Auto sales must protect their high-value inventory.

Automotive industry specialists at The Alliance Group of Western NY have devoted time and resources to understand the unique needs of our clients so we can provide sound risk management advice, assist with claims, and develop an insurance program that mitigates their risks and liabilities.

In addition to standard business insurance (link to business insurance page), an automotive business must protect against many unique risk exposures such as vandalism, accidental damage, employee dishonesty, equipment breakdown, business interruption, debris and pollutants, and tools.

Contact The Alliance Group of Western NY today to learn how our specialists can better protect your Rochester NY area automotive business. For a free consultation on your current policy, or to explore a new one, fill out the form on this page or call us at (585) 388-8001.