8 Excellent Thanksgiving Safety Considerations!

Autumn arrangementIt is almost time to take that infamous trip to the grocery store to stock up on turkey, stuffing, and other ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving is the time to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them! Here at the Alliance Group of Western New York, Inc. we are thankful for each and every one of our clients! With that being said, we have compiled a list of Thanksgiving safety tips that will hopefully help your holiday go down without a hitch. Take a look at these important safety considerations:

  • Never leave your food unattended in the kitchen while it is cooking!
  • When you put your turkey in the oven, do not leave the house. Yes, turkeys take hours to bake, but you should be home to supervise at all times.
  • Your little ones may be itching to help you out in the kitchen! Do your best to keep them away from the cooking. You do not want them to come near any liquids or appliances that could cause them harm.
  • Your pets may be excited to wag their tails near your feet, hoping for scraps! Keep them out of the kitchen to avoid tripping, or also causing them harm during the cooking process.
  • Pick up any toys or bags that may be lying around the floor before you start your cooking marathon! These could be potential tripping hazards.
  • Your children should never be able to reach any knives that you have set out.
  • Beware of any cords to kitchen appliances like electric knives; you do not want any electrical mishaps.
  • Be sure to test every smoke alarm in your home to ensure that it will alert you of a fire emergency when you need it to!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact The Alliance Group of Western New York, Inc. We are excited to answer your questions, and assist you in reaching your insurance goals.