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Home Insurance Basics

home insuranceIf you are a first-time homebuyer, navigating the homeowner’s insurance world can be tricky! You have spent a great deal of money securing the home of your dreams, and now it is time to decide upon the proper protection plan. Due to the fact that the list of concerns to address is nearly endless, we have compiled a list of a few basic pieces of homeowner’s insurance information that will hopefully put your mind at ease:

  • When deciding on how much to insure your home for, you should go with replacement cost over market value. The cost of your home may depreciate over time because it is influenced by market conditions. If this happens and you lose your home, you may not have enough coverage to rebuild your home. Insuring it for replacement cost will cover labor, material, and any other expenses that will contribute to the complete restoration of your house.
  • Where liability is concerned, more is better! A legal battle over liability can cost you thousands of dollars, even if you win! If you lose, we could be talking about millions of dollars never to be seen again. Consider purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy to have added liability coverage on top of what you purchase with your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Do not forget about additional living expenses coverage that could compensate you for a place to live while your home is repaired after a disaster! Otherwise you risk paying thousands of dollars in hotel stays until the project is finished!
  • Make sure to speak to your insurance agent about what will not be covered in your insurance policy.

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What If Airbags Were Not As Safe As They Seem?

Autos von vornIf you have ever been in a serious car accident, you are likely thankful for your properly working airbags! Recently, over 8 million cars have been recalled by their auto manufactures due to problems with the air bags. Numerous cases have reported that shrapnel was expelled from the airbag during its explosion.

Currently, most manufacturers have been handling the recall as expected. However, the manufacturer Takata has already run out of replacement airbags! In order to handle this, makers like Toyota have stated that they will simply disable the defective airbags to ensure that there will not be any sharp metal explosions.

Many have disputed this decision. Only a slight percentage of airbags that explode are predicted to expel shrapnel. Therefore, is disabling all possible airbags the best idea? Some argue that this solution could do more damage than good. To respond to these disputes, manufacturers have decided that since the defective airbags are only on the passenger side, they will place a sticker on the passenger side dashboard of vehicles with disabled airbags that advises riders to sit in the back seat until the replacement airbag inventory has been restocked.

Here at The Alliance Group of Western New York, Inc. we hope that you never have to be a victim of an automobile accident. However, in order to prepare for the unforeseeable, it is important to have a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Please contact one of our agents for more information about how to protect you and your vehicle. We are located in Fairport, and have over 2 decades of experience in the insurance industry. Give us a call with any of your questions or concerns, today!

8 Excellent Thanksgiving Safety Considerations!

Autumn arrangementIt is almost time to take that infamous trip to the grocery store to stock up on turkey, stuffing, and other ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving is the time to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them! Here at the Alliance Group of Western New York, Inc. we are thankful for each and every one of our clients! With that being said, we have compiled a list of Thanksgiving safety tips that will hopefully help your holiday go down without a hitch. Take a look at these important safety considerations:

  • Never leave your food unattended in the kitchen while it is cooking!
  • When you put your turkey in the oven, do not leave the house. Yes, turkeys take hours to bake, but you should be home to supervise at all times.
  • Your little ones may be itching to help you out in the kitchen! Do your best to keep them away from the cooking. You do not want them to come near any liquids or appliances that could cause them harm.
  • Your pets may be excited to wag their tails near your feet, hoping for scraps! Keep them out of the kitchen to avoid tripping, or also causing them harm during the cooking process.
  • Pick up any toys or bags that may be lying around the floor before you start your cooking marathon! These could be potential tripping hazards.
  • Your children should never be able to reach any knives that you have set out.
  • Beware of any cords to kitchen appliances like electric knives; you do not want any electrical mishaps.
  • Be sure to test every smoke alarm in your home to ensure that it will alert you of a fire emergency when you need it to!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact The Alliance Group of Western New York, Inc. We are excited to answer your questions, and assist you in reaching your insurance goals.

Insure Those Expensive iPhones!

Woman holding mobile phone, collage of different photosWith our society’s increasing dependency on mobile technology, it is becoming more and more important to be connected at all times! Many of us have lived our whole lives on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops! This is why it is so important to protect your mobile device with an insurance policy. IPhones are small, and can easily be dropped, damaged, or stolen. Unless you decide to purchase insurance for your phone through your mobile carrier, you may be tempted to look into insurance from other smaller vendors. These vendors are just starting to be regulated by individual states! Here are a few changes to Colorado law regarding coverage for your cell phone and electronic devices:

  • Any vendor that advertises insurance for portable electronics will be forced to obtain a license from the state.
  • The vendor must clearly state the insurance carrier that will underwrite the policy, in addition to the terms and conditions.
  • The vendor should disclose that coverage might overlap with what is already offered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • The vendor will need to supply consumers with directions for filling a claim, and state that insurance is optional with the purchase of a mobile phone.
  • You may already have an extended warranty through the company that you purchased your phone from. This will cover any defects that are the responsibility of the manufacturer. However, you may be stuck paying a pricey deductible.

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